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Tecnología ERGOTURN patentada

“I no longer feel embarrassed when I’m with a woman. Ever since I started using Folilaser, I’m a new man”


Folilaser has all the guarantees
of leading products

Folilaser has all health certificates and licenses necessary to meet the required standards for this type of product. Our lasercomb also has many advantages over any other combs in the market. Next, we show you the most important ones:

Exclusive patented technology

Folilaser is a laser hair restoration comb with exclusive patented technology and is manufactured with the highest quality materials (not harmful to the scalp) according to the EU norms, which makes it one of the leading products in the market. The most important innovations are:

  • Vibratonic Technology (Vibration)
  • Free guide to hair care
  • Interchangeable teeth with different hardness
  • Longer diodes which prevent the light beam from vanishing
  • Incorporated control screen/display
  • 6 concentrated lasers for hair action
  • Avant-garde  ergonomic design and wireless technology
  • Free, 100 % natural hair regeneration pills

CE marked and registered in the EU

Folilaser has received CE mark and is registered in the EU.

Laser Technology

Endorsed by medical professionals

Besides, our lasercomb is highly recommended by medical experts, as they know for sure its quality is out of question due mainly to our advanced patented technology.

Medical testimonial


“The use of Folilaser stimulates the hair follicles and improves blood irrigation in the scalp area thanks to vibration, providing hair with the energetic effects of laser phototherapy using a luminous stimulus which causes a thicker, healthier, fuller hair to grow without any side-effects whatsoever.

Dr. Arana

3-month money back guarantee

The truth is that we are so confident about the quality of our laser comb and the high degree of satisfaction it gives our customer that we offer a 3 months money-back guarantee if, for some reason, the achieved results aren’t as expected. In other words, at this time, if you’re still not convinced we promise to give you your money back.

Fast, discreet worldwide shipping

The products are sent the very same day your order is processed so it will take 5-7 working days if the delivery is made within Europe and 10-12 if it is outside Europe. We use prestigious transportation companies to deliver the product to you as fast as possible and with every guarantee.

Besides, discretion is one of our company’s hallmarks so all our products are shipped in an absolutely discreet fashion so it is impossible to identify the content of the packages. There is no sign on the outside that may indicate the content of the package.

All orders are shipped daily by UPS, in order to guarantee a quick and safe delivery.

Payment methods

There are two payment methods available:

  • Through the Click&buy credit card payment platform  (in this case, only the concept and name of this payment platform will appear, without any reference to the product's name or its purpose)
  • By cash on delivery, receiving the product through a carrier at your door.

* These payment methods are totally safe and discreetly handled by our team of professionals.

We keep our clients satisfied

This is why Folilaser is the best-selling laser comb in the market. Our clients are confident about our certificates and licenses and are fully satisfied with the results and guarantees.


 “My friends won't laugh at me anymore! I've been using Folilsaser for only 1 and a half months but I can see the improvement already, especially when I look in the mirror. My hair no longer looks as transparent and it’s stopped falling out! I’m truly happy with the results I’ve achieved so far, and the best thing is that I can use it whenever I want. Honestly, I must say that Folilaser has saved my life.“

Francesco, Italy (19)

 “I have hair again! Just a few months ago, a simple breeze would scare me to death because it messed up my hair letting everybody see what I was trying to hide, and of course this kept me from going out and making friends like everybody else. But ever since I started using Folilaser everything’s been different and I no longer have to ‘do magic’ to cover the sparse areas. My alopecia has been getting better and better and I hope it’ll improve even more, so I recommend the use of Folilaser to everyone suffering from this terrible curse. There’s a solution to it!

Boris, Germany (32)

 “I can barely believe it. I was having serious problems with my hair falling out so quickly and unevenly, and I was feeling so embarrassed with women it was very difficult for me to have sexual intercourse with them because of my condition. My self-esteem and self-confidence had suddenly disappeared. But the moment I started using Folilaser my hair stopped falling out and began to regenerate. Unbelievable! My baldness is almost unnoticeable now so I’ve started to enjoy sex again thanks to this fabulous comb. Thanks a lot. “

Richard, USA (50)


Control the duration of your treatment

Folilaser is the only laser comb in the market with an incorporated screen/display to control the exact duration of your treatment.

  • Totally discreet shipping

    Our products are shipped in sealed boxes and with no sign that may indicate what's inside. Order Folilaser with total discretion!

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  • Money Back Guarantee

    You’ve got nothing to lose!

  • Recommended by doctors

    Prestigious health experts recommend Folilaser as the most effective method to stop hair loss and boost the growth of new hair.

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  • True stories

    “The moment I decided to try Folilaser, I stopped losing my hair. Instead, it started growing stronger, healthier and thicker. Incredible but true.”   Ian

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